Accessories & Catalogues


Great offer of special products to store, organise and display coins, stamps, banknotes and other collectibles.


Every collector knows how important is a proper handling and storage of collectible coins, banknotes and stamps. Improper storage of numismatics, influences the value of each collection and results in lower grading position of a particular item. This is best known for coins collectors.  Coins, which are kept loosely in boxes, jars, drawers, etc. are most vulnerable  to scratch and dent each other. That is why special accessories like capsules, cassettes, foil albums or boxes are used.

MONETY EXPO WARSAW and FILA EXPO WARSAW will gather representants from the biggest companies regarding accessories and bibliography to cover all collectibles range. You will be able to find everything, which will improve the handling of your collection. Starting from albums, storing capsules, stamp´s organizers, through books for checking historic details or to check current prices of your collecting items, all will be brought to Warsaw. You can enrich your collection by simply keeping it from natural usage, due to a possibility of purchasing professional accessories. Fair visitors will also have a chance to obtain the newest edition of numismatic catalogues and books  with a complete description of coins, banknotes or stamps with their current prices and value.

Therefore during MONETY EXPO WARSAW and FILA EXPO WARSAW, vistors will be able to purchase:

  • Collecting systems such as albums, trays, organizers, shelves, display windows and many more
  • Books with historical content, complete descriptions as for coins, banknotes and stamps
  • Catalogues bearing the most accurate market quotations for every single item
  • Accessories such as tweezers, special gloves for handling, magnifying glasses, lunettes etc.

On this point beside keeping your collection preserved, the knowledge can be upgraded.