Collecting history through the fascinating world of Stamps and Postcards

Philately – world known collecting hobby will not be forgotten. Exhibitors and visitors will have their own feast during the first and newly launched edition of FILA EXPO WARSAW fair.

For the first time in Warsaw, exhibitors and philately buyers will have a chance to present their wide offer in a professional environment of a trade fair. Also collectors will be able to take advantage of it, having possibility of enlarging their collections.

Easily accessible, professional trade booths will allow visitors to buy and directly see stamps of Polish Post and different foreign postal administrations. On sale, collectors will also find entires (covers), pieces of postal stationery, thematic and traditional collections. Moreover, deltiologists will find a wide offer of postcards to choose from.

What is more, Fila Expo Warsaw will be attended by top-class European producers of accessories for collectors, which will present their newest offers of stamp albums, stockbooks, magnifying glasses, protective foils an many other philatelic articles.

The biggest advantage of attending the fair is the fact that everything can be seen “live”, which is a priceless value in era of internet shopping and offers, especially for such a specific hobby as stamp collecting. Digital scan seen on a computer screen cannot substitute a direct look at a stamp through the magnifying glass..

There are additional attractions planned for stamp collectors to encourage them to visit the fair. The organizer of FILA EXPO WARSAW in cooperation with Polish Philatelists Union (PZF) will provide to all visitors, free of charge, service of an expert affiliated with the Union, who will try to evaluate the authenticity of your philatelic materials and make preliminary valuation. Moreover, members of the Polish Philatelists Union will be happy to share their knowledge and answer questions regarding the membership, union’s periodicals and any other doubts.

 The consummation of this “Philatelic Feast” will be a Philatelic Exhibition of One-Frame Exhibits.

In summary, during the FILA EXPO WARSAW visitors will find:

  • Polish and foreign stamps

  • Entires and postal stationery,

  • Traditional and thematic collections

  • Deltiologist materials– postcards,

  • Accessories and philatelic articles

  • Preliminary expertise and valuation of stamps

  • Philatelic Exhibition of One-Frame Exhibits

Poczta Polska is taking active part in fair Fila Expo Warsaw, for which it will issue special, personalised stamps with fair logo. As well it will present to collectors its newest philatelic offer for 2017. Poczta Polska