Monety Expo Warsaw and Fila Expo Warsaw will give its visitors a chance to purchase coins, medals, historical shares and stamps not only in direct transactions with dealers, but also through special auctions, which are planned to be conducted during both fairs.


General information about auctions:

All interested auction houses and traders are welcome to contact us directly regarding the possibility of organising an auction during Monety Expo Warsaw / Fila Expo Warsaw trade fairs.


Frequently asked questions:

1. When will numismatic auctions be held?

Numismatic auctions will be held during the Fair. Detailed list of auctions with hours will be uploaded on the website.

2. Who can organize an auction?

Auctions can be organized by any interested professional auction house after previous registration.  Deadline for registration is 31 July 2014.

3. Who can take part in auctions?

All visitors as well as traders/exhibitors are welcomed to take part in all of the auctions.

Public visitors need to show a fair entrance ticket to attend the auction.

4. Where will be each auction held?

Each auction will be held in a separate room – check the program of auctions to learn more.

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